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The Gift of Grandmother Spirit

Grandmother Spirit was given to me nearly 30 years ago, although I didn’t understand the impact she would have until late last year. Here’s the story.

I was serving as a team member during a program for native women who were caregivers. Most of them were exhausted, many of them dealing with severe family problems. The course was eye-opening, a glimpse into these women’s lives. There was music and rituals that strengthened everyone’s spirit.

At the end of each day, we all hugged each other, heart to heart. When I hugged one woman, a singer with the most beautiful voice, she moved in so close that it was like we dissolved into each other. When I heard her whisper, “Oh, Grandmother Spirit”, the words resonated so deeply in me that every cell in my body vibrated with aliveness. My cells tingled.

I had no idea what she meant, as I had no further opportunity to speak with her. I wondered if she meant I was wise, or naming me, or if she was calling me an old soul, or… well, I didn’t know so I let it drop. My life was busy at that time, and I didn’t take the time to reflect. It didn’t seem that important.

Late last year while I was recovering from a traumatic fall, I remembered the whisper and every time I replayed those three word in my mind, I felt loving energy vibrate in my every cell. I knew that I was to claim her now. Claim the name, claim my wisdom, claim the depth of love and spirit that I had been taking for granted all these years.

Now, all these years later, I cannot set Grandmother Spirit aside. She is me, and she is the heart and soul of my work – profound love and connection with Spirit. I tingle all over again every time I tell this story. As I even think those three words, the vibrations bring goose bumps.

Our lives offer us many signs, and if we are not yet ready at the time, they will return when we are ready, even eager, to hear them. I did not have the courage or self-knowledge when the gift of Grandmother Spirit came to me. I do now.

The more I claim all of who I am, the more I am Grandmother Spirit. Those who know me well say it suits perfectly (and not just because of our 11 grandchildren). I think so too. My soul sings.

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