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Sometimes a Great Fall

After a ten-month hiatus, my fingers have found the keyboard again, and ideas flow.

“What happened?” You may ask.

I love people. I love writing. Life doesn’t always follow our plans (especially if we are indecisive).

In late November, my right foot slipped off a stair and I fell awkwardly, completely breaking my left femur. I was fortunate (or blessed) to fall when my husband was home to call 911. The paramedics arrived quickly, hustling the leg into traction and me into the ambulance. I discovered that I quite enjoy laughing gas, and the paramedics were consistently kind and attentive.

After surgery, 7 units of blood, and a metal rod from knee to hip through the centre of the bone, I was moved to a rehabilitation facility, where I learned to handle daily self-care, manage the wheelchair, and eventually walk with a walker.

Everything had come to a full stop. I didn’t tell many people where I was, nor did I write. My friends and family were delightfully supportive, more so than I could have imagined.

I turned within, examining my life, recognizing that the full stop and recovery was as much spiritual as physical. The lesson was blatant. I had been indecisive in business direction, and wanted to use my gifts more fully. Suddenly the decision was made for me.

I met some wise older people in rehab, mostly women, and discovered within me a deep respect for age and for calm knowing. Many lessons came to me in that time. I shall write about them going forward.

Now that I am fully mobile, you can follow Grandmother Spirit emerging from this cocoon.

Grandmother Spirit. Truth + Love. That’s all that matters. We must go deeper within ourselves to find the beauty and wisdom that is our gift.

Remember you are blessed, no matter what life tosses you.

Love, Jean


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