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What? Through meaningful conversation and personalized approach, Grandmother Spirit offers freedom – freedom to explore, to choose, and to claim all of who we are, without judgment. Mentoring, guidance and coaching ease the process of making decisions that are uniquely right for you, that get you where you want be.

Why? Because every day you make thousands and thousands of decisions, often without any real thought. Those decisions create results (painful, pleasurable or bleh). Imagine knowing how to consciously make the decisions that honour you – mind, body, and spirit!

Who? Jean Hudson guides and mentors in the spirit of a wise and caring grandmother. In Grandmother Spirit she brings a huge heart and extensive experience as teacher, counselor, facilitator, and leadership coach. Like loving kind grandmothers everywhere, she listens long, loves unconditionally, and redirects you when you are off track.

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Jean Hudson aka Grandmother Spirit

Jean is a woman of deep spiritual grounding. And yes, she is a grandmother. She and her husband blended their families (seven children) 28 years ago, and have been blessed with 14 grandchildren.

Jean’s why? For the children, the generations that follow us. She loves knowing that our growth and expansion positively affects our children and grandchildren. Her joy grows with each person who leaves her Presence felling lighter, clearer, more certain and confident.

How it works First, give Jean (GS) a call  or come for tea and cookies. Be seen, heard, and understood. Be introduced to decision making ease for your next steps. If you should decide you’d like to work further with Jean, know that most clients need only 1-3 conversations to clear up issues and learn to make wise decisions.

Your Investment? You may have to give up some unfulfilling self-talk and make some new decisions. Mentoring/coaching conversations@ $150/hour.