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Where do you turn when you are feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, or just not-quite-right? Who will listen without judgment?

Imagine a place of warmth, listening, acceptance, and encouragement – a safe, gentle space where you can hear the wisdom of your own heart and spirit. Imagine the ease and confidence of moving forward knowing the decisions you make are the ones that are right for you.

Welcome into the world of Grandmother Spirit.

“What it’s like to have tea and cookies with Grandmother Spirit: It’s like   dropping the weight of the world at the door and entering your soul’s cocoon, where you get to spend an hour connected to your truest self and your highest calling.” Tammy Plunkett, writing coach.

“Grandmother Spirit feeds the soul and allows that sigh of relief.” Ariana Rose Brackenbury

“There is something of the essential substance of her human spirit that reached out and spoke to me, and when I replied it unlocked a part of me.” David Michaels

Is there an issue you would like to bring to satisfactory decision and solution? Initial conversation with your mentor, Grandmother Spirit, given freely because giving feels good. You will be heard and understood.

Text or phone 403 512 5967 to book your conversation that matters with someone who cares.

Can’t wait to chat with you soon! You are hereby invited for tea and cookies, listening, love and truth.